Suspension Service


If you have noticed your car pulling you in any direction but straight? It’s time to s run a full diagnostic analysis of your steering and suspension systems in order to determine the condition of each component.Worn shock absorbers not only reduce driver comfort, but they can also dramatically affect the handling and safety of your car. At Belobaida, our technicians are qualified to identify any and all suspension, steering, and alignment problems, and we recomend the most effective solution and its estimated price. Does your vehicle’s steering and suspension require checking? Call us now on +971-566-92-9776 or Visit us today!

An important part of the suspension is the shock absorbers, these are usually hydraulic or gas filled. They are essential to control the bounce on the vehicle and to ensure the tyres are kept firmly on the road. Damaged and worn shock absorbers can reduce the braking efficiency, cause poor cornering and tyre wears. Belobaida offer cheap shock absorbers in Dubai for all types: struts, spring or conventional/telescopic