Car Batteries are our speciality. We have the largest car battery range in Dubai from top brands such as BOSCH Car Batteries, Varta Car Batteries, Incoe Car Batteries and ACDelco Car Batteries, Solite Car batteries and many more. Our prices are checked daily so you can be certain that you are buying a high quality car battery online which is also a cheap maintenance free car battery.

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The top manufacturer Bosch is a global distributor and it is more excellent for automotive technology. Bosch car batteries assures original specification and it does not need any water replacement during the whole of their service life. These car batteries are very safe to start in any weather since it is resistant to high engine chamber temperatures. It is believed that Bosch car batteries are considered to be the best in terms of its innovation and quality. The performance of the batteries are highly improved with the advanced silver technology which would satisfy the demands of growing modern vehicle. There are various car batteries which includes passanger batteries, commercial vehicle batteries, utility batteries etc. Bosch passanger car battery comes with the breakthrough Silver alloy technology which provides greater electrical conductivity and better corrosion. Similarly, Bosch commercial vehicle batteries are exclusively designed to satisfy the demands of commercial vehicle applications offering a reliable, long service life. In addition, Bosch Utility batteries gives more power with deep cycle resistance and long service life that customers can depend on. Buy Bosch car battery from Belobaida


Power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of a car battery – and VARTA is the benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry. Our philosophy is to never compromise on quality, and this mantra has earned us the number one position as first choice supplier to the vehicle manufacturers.




INCOE is produced by an ISO 9001:2008 accredited business – high quality management system which is documented, so the uniformity of consumer satisfaction embodied more organized, continual, as well as growing. Apart from this, INCOE additionally continuously makes every effort to improve ecological performance, safety and also job-related wellness and also care employees by applying the ISO 14001:2004 and SMK3 management system.


When reliable starting power is a priority, ACDelco Batteries are the answer. Whether the application is automotive, industrial, marine or recreational, with its Professional, Advantage, Voyager and Heavy-Duty offerings, ACDelco has a battery to meet virtually any need. Laboratory-tested, field-proven and backed with outstanding warranty coverage, ACDelco Batteries set the standard for performance.




The Best Battery with Better Performance and Longer Lifespan Solite is a highly reliable automotive battery that satisfies the car lovers all over the world under any circumstance. The internal rust-free calcium metal exhibits the excellent heat resistibility and the strong immunity against drastic temperamental change. It is a maintenance free product that needs no refilling of the electrolytic solutions. Now the new era begins with Solite